1X-Accnt Launcher

A secure launcher designed sepcifically for, and by, a Windows System Administrator. A launchpad for all your admin tools in one location. Launch all your admin tools with your domain administrator account while maintaining a domain user login to your local workstation.

No more 'Right-Click' > Run As!

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BillTrax is a simple to use bill payment tracker. There are more robust tools with tons of features available...but when those are too much to wrap your head around, BillTrax is here to make it simple. This isn't an online account integration tool.

It simply tracks and maps your bills and their payments, locally.

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With CSWatch, the sky is the limit. A CLI executable that accepts a multitude of command-line arguments to accomadate your ever changing needs. At its core CSWatch is a 'batch file processor'. Monitoring a directory of your choice and processing files as they land is just where it begins.

The magic is in its open-ended flexability!

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